The foundation of any network is the cabling, wireless, and fiber optic connections that join that network together.   Sadly, it is the most overlooked part of the network.   IKnowNet has worked on literally hundreds of networks and one thing that seems to be a recurring theme is that if you don't see it, you don't think about it.   The server is only slightly more visible than the cabling of the network.    Electronic signals travel across your network and are subject to all kinds of Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).  It can come from florescent lights, microwave ovens, cell phones, cordless phones, air conditioners, heaters, machinery, fax machines, physical barriers including drywall, metal, and glass, also distances and bad connectors.   Cables can and often are mishandled, or not labeled.  Temporary fixes or replacement patch cables are often overlooked and become permanent fixtures of the network.

Add this up over a few short months worth of time and you can have a real problem.   Most network administrators and less experienced consultants often run the business owner into solutions that are a far cry from the actual solution.    Faulty network wiring is OFTEN the culprit with regard to network slow downs and errors.   Most networks today used a protocol called TCP/IP which can recover from the faulty network to some degree, but it will cost you seriously in the hands of inexperienced IT consulting.   We have found time and time again where the "solution" provider has led the client to upgrade to costly switches, servers, workstations, and software platforms for a simple wiring problem.   Get the job done right, get a consultant with experience, and protect your network investment.


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