Large or Small, Complex or Simple, your network is the backbone of your productivity.  Most networks in recent years have seen a bit of neglect as budgets have tightened.   It's time to revamp, upgrade or replace these dated systems.   You may start to realize that there is a gap between the technologies of today and what the existing staff are ready to deploy.   Outsourcing makes good financial and logical sense.   You're going to need someone to help you with that wireless implementation, or Active Directory upgrade, or Exchange migration.  You can try to have existing staff do the work, but it may cost you more than time, it can cost you your data.   You need a network professional help you with the hard stuff and perhaps pick up the slack in your IT staffing.   You could try to hire the professionals, but if you can find good staff who are up-to-date with current technology, you probably don't want to pay the kind of salary they are asking.   The choice is simple, outsource.   If you have made it this far, you probably already know that network consulting is the right choice for small and medium businesses.

Our staff prides itself with staying on top of technology to a degree far superior to "Rent a Geek" places.  You need someone who can design a network infrastructure, migrate servers, implement a project, and document the results.   There is a difference between having a "techie" come out and install a hard drive in a computer and our network/business consulting services, yet our service are not only less expensive in the long run, but LESS EXPENSIVE BY THE HOUR as well.   The reason why is simple, we are here for the long haul helping our customers customers through design, implementation and maintenance.   We want to become a part of your future IT solutions.  

We are extremely good at what we do.   We don't need to rope you in with long term contracts that obligate you, we just want the opportunity to do a good job for you as well.   We offer network maintenance contracts that are Month to Month, short term consulting agreements, or blocks of network consulting hours that can be used immediately or spread out over the course of a year.   With IKnowNet, it's not about the contract with us, it's about good customer service and complete, professional solutions. 

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