Desktops and Laptops

The investment you make here is gone tomorrow, so make a wise choice. Most businesses tend to make some mistakes in this area that just don't make good sense in these times. The PC(Personal Computer) market has long sense been been moving towards cheeper, faster, and disposable. From a business owners perspective, it doesn't make good sense to buy what you don't need. So, so, so many times I see people with bad PC hardware decisions that have really hampered the company more than anything else. There are a few common sense things that tend to make the IT budget and experience so much better.

A good friend of mine likes to call some business owners "Hobbyist". The kind of guys that "sleep with PC magazine under their pillow". These people tend to read the hype and believe every thing on face value. One thing I can tell you over many years of network and computer consulting is, "Don't believe the hype". If some magazine says that the new 256bit processors just came out and "everyone" is getting one, restrain thyself. PCs are a disposable asset in these days. What is important is that they are a tool of business, but not the business itself. I remember everyone hyping the LS-120 drive as this new "super floppy" drive. Remember everyone hyped up about the Rambus memory. I remember everyone hyped up about a lot of things that you don't hear much about anymore. Personally, I ran out and got a $1000 PDA (it's a little organizer computer), and I feel like a moron every time I look at my PDA "paperweight". PDAs are great for some people, just not for me. Ok, if we can restrain ourselves from believing every pop-up on the Internet, or Magazine article, or TV show, then we are ready to make a couple of smart decisions. 2008 | Privacy policy | Terms of use