General Internet Information for Businesses

The Internet is usually associated with one or two services that people understand somewhat well; the World Wide Web and Internet email. Neither of these two service requires the Internet per say, but they both effectively assume Internet connectivity. As such, the Internet services typically drive networking, application programming, additional services, marketing, sales, and pretty much everything else to do with most businesses. Without the Internet, a business would be at a serious disadvantage to compete in today's marketplace. There are some things about the Internet that most businesses should understand. If you try and figure out "what is the Internet?", your embarking on a huge amount of understanding. There are a few things that pertain to business that come up that you just need a little foothold to understand.

DNS is typically a thing that businesses run into first and quickly "skim" over. Why is DNS the first thing?; because it is how you become "". The first thing a business owner wants to do is get his email rolling typically. If you can communicate with customers, vendors, or your own employees, then you got a major problem. A business owner will typically find some web site hosting company that will "register" your company name for you, so that it becomes our own. Web hosting and DNS hosting are two completely different things, but they are typically joined together "at the hip", so to speak. Email hosting is yet another thing that is completely separate, however, before a business does any of these, they typically get a "" name for the business. The process of making the name yours and no one elses is called DNS registration. During the registration process, you have some server on the Internet tell everyone that that the "registered" name belongs to your company. The server(s) that keep the information about the "" are called the DNS hosting company. The registration of your company name is a service from the "registrar" that you typically pay for in a yearly or bi-yearly basis. The hosting of your DNS information is a service that is typically rolled into some web hosting deal, or rolled in with your Internet service provider (the guys who connect you to the Internet), or with your email provider. Any and all of these things can be separate things and as such can be extremely difficult for a non-techie to understand. Internet Access, DNS registration, DNS hosting, Email hosting, and Website hosting may be all separate service providers. © 2006 | Privacy policy | Terms of use