What's it worth to have peace of mind about your network?  Is it worth the cost of a new server, lost opportunity, lost productivity, or customer dissatisfaction? Or is it worth 4 dollars a month to have someone on the outside of your network looking at your network and letting you know if there is a problem?   That's it.   4 dollars a month won't even buy you a hamburger anymore, but it can buy you peace of mind that when you come into work, we have been monitoring your server all through the nights and weekends and alerting you if there is a problem.   If there is a problem, our network consultants can provide instant remote access or onsite support to track the problem and eliminate it before it becomes a real problem.  

We actively check responsiveness and connectivity of your server, website, firewall, or other network services.   We monitor your services across the Internet and let you know if your ISP's DSL, or other Internet connection is down.   We can monitor your server across this connection and let you know if your email or website services go down so that your customers are not out of contact with you.   We will proactively contact your text messaging device and let you know when you have a problem.    We do monitor for "Ping" responsiveness, but also for any definable service that can be monitored remotely.


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