Routers and Firewalls

This is a difficult subject to advise a business owner on because of the diversity in needs. However there are some things that perhaps make some sense. One of the biggest advice things I can advise you on is, get some advise. Have someone look at the WAN provider, remote connectivity, security, and fault tolerant needs. Sometimes it makes sense to have your Internet provider come up with the connectivity hardware and maintain it themselves. Most providers will set you up with some sort of managed connectivity, however, when it comes to firewalls or remote connectivity solutions, they often come up short or get way out of the price range of most small and medium businesses.

Things have changed for instance with regard to SPAM, Instant Messaging, viruses, Peer to Peer software sharing programs and the like. Sometimes it might make sense to outsource spam filtering to a service provider or use a device like a Barracuda appliance to block SPAM and viruses. Some business owners want to block their employees from "browsing" Internet porn sites or job searches. There are ways of handling all of these things, and "yes" they do have a price tag with almost every solution. © 2006 | Privacy policy | Terms of use