Server Information

If you have read my thoughts on PC hardware you may notice some similarities and completely opposite views in thinking about servers. Server hardware is where a lot of CFOs and business owners tend to concentrate attention with regard to servers, however, this is the last place to think of. I think this is generally because hardware is what most people tend to understand with regard to PCs. The first and foremost thing to think of with regard to servers is the software that it is going to run. The server is offering a service to the network that is shared by
multiple network users.

First is choosing the right software. If you have pre-chosen that you want to host your own email on your own server, then what is the server software that you are going to choose. If you are going to run a financial application that needs a backend database, what kind of database does it require. If you have to share files with a mobile workforce, are you going to do so with a document management software like SharePoint or hook people up with a VPN client and have them access a file server. There is a lot of decision making in this whole process and many, many options. This is certainly a good place to get some consulting expertise on what makes sense. Generally speaking, I do recommend a lot of Microsoft Small Business Server solutions to small companies that need a little of everything. It's a good product to start many small businesses off with, but is far from the end-all-be-all answer for everyone. © 2006 | Privacy policy | Terms of use