General Telecom Information for Businesses

Telecom is a general term, not clearly defined. Some people would say some Wireless WAN guys are not telecom companies, or that ISPs are not telecom, yet they sometimes get lumped in with traditional telecom companies because they deal with circuits or maybe even provide VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) type of phones. As a small to medium business owner, it isn't really important to draw a line in the sand here. What is important is that for any and all of these decisions, you make it a good decision. I have put together a few tips of advise here, but you can always ask us if you need further help.

After having worked in the telecom field for several years and watching sales guys work their "magic", I am reminded of Uncle Pat from the movie Cocktail. Quote:

Make xxxx sure your the smartest guy in the room when the subject of money comes up.

I regularly advise my clients of the need to shop around when it comes around to Internet services, voice/VoIP, circuits, remote connectivity solutions and the like. A few days prior to me writing this, I just dealt with a doctors office being sold old technology with a fraction of the bandwidth for a lot more money with a long term contract. Don't be that guy. Luckily, getting out of that contract, was not as painful as the contract itself would have been. Today, competition between service providers has really pushed down the price of services. © 2006 | Privacy policy | Terms of use